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Our clients our our no.1 priority

Over the years Reg Strow Real Estate has used Cheapest Tree Looping in excess of 60 jobs. Reg Strow real Estate has always found the work completed on time and when they left, the site is always clean and tidy as well the workmen have been courteous to our tenants with as little disruption as possible. 

We also found Cheapest tree Looping, after any emergencies is always is always quick to respond to sort out the problem. The service has been the same over the years and is being continued today under Jacob’s control and with his qualifications is of great assistance in solving and advising us with our tree problems especially for a non tree huger.


David Strow, Reg Strow Real Estate


Jacob and his crew have carried out at least 4 difficult tree lopping jobs for us over the last 2 years. From squeezing into a tight area to remove a tree without destroying the surrounding plants, to trimming massive gum trees – these guys can do it all. 

Aside from being cheaper than anyone else I could find, Jacob is a very personable and helpful young man who has always catered to our last- minute requests. He was even kind enough to go out of his way to come and rescue our cat who had managed to get himself stuck about 30m up a pine tree. I highly recommend these guys!


Rachel Box, Chandler

We had a very tricky tree problem that involved the removal of two very large trees right on a fence-line. A friend referred Jacob and his team to us and I found him to be approachable and knowledgable from the outset. He and his team solved the problem in an expedient, professional, and safe manner. 

As a trained arborist, Jacob is very mindful of the impact of removing trees. He saw our huge trees, which were almost a part of our family, and understood their importance to us. Even after he had explored all options and we determined that they were too far gone, he still asked us before the work started if we were certain that we could let them go. They worked through two of the hottest days in January, only stopping for the Zooper Doopers that we insisted on feeding them!

I was so impressed by their work ethic and great sense of humour. My wife and I, as well as our young sons who loved seeing Jacob and his team in action, happily retained the company to complete work on other properties following the first job. We also referred Jacob to family and friends who were likewise happy with his work. Jacob is polite and professional. He will also be up front in discussing the possibilities and limitations of each job. His rates are very competitive. 

A quick tip for prospective clients: the removal of trees, especially very big trees, is a messy and destructive process. Be prepared for a lot of noise, debris, and dust. Even so, Jacob and his team will strive to minimise their footprint on site. Still, be realistic. We were very happy with Jacob and his team and he is on speed dial when I need advice on plant species and even future landscaping ideas. They are a complete package and it is great to see a young business owner growing his presence in the industry.


Chris, Gordon Park

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